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Temporary Orders in Harris and Galveston County


What are Temporary Orders?During the period of time after a divorce is filed and a divorce can be finalized, many families are in need of orders regarding custody, child support, the temporary use of property, and the payment of debts.  Temporary Orders can be used to resolve these issues and maintain the status quo until a final divorce can be granted.What Issues can be resolved during a hearing for Temporary Orders?

  • A spouse can request that the court issue orders concerning the following issues:
  • Determining custody arrangements between the parents;
  • Determining who will pay child support and what amount shall be paid until the divorce is finalized;
  • Determining if spousal support should be paid to a spouse, who does not earn enough to meet his/her minimum reasonable needs;
  • Determining who will have exclusive use of property and payment of debts while the divorce is pending;
  • Equalizing the spouses’ access to financial accounts and resources from funds earned during the marriage.

As you prepare for a temporary orders hearing in a family law case, our firm and staff are ready to assist you.

We work with our clients to prepare for the hearing, by ensuring that we go to court prepared.  We ensure clients have the following documents on the day of court:

1.      Financial Information Statement (“FIS”) – This document summarizes monthly household expenses and income.  The FIS also contains the spouses’ income and requests for child support and spousal support.
2.      Proposal for Temporary Orders– This document provides the spouse’s proposal and provides the Court with an outline of what you want from the judge in a succinct manner.
3.      Tax Returns & Proof of Income – Tax Returns for past 2 years, W-2s, or 1099s if self-employed.
4.      Paycheck stubs– Provide paychecks for the past 2 months to provide an accurate picture of income you are making.
5.      Photographs of the children and your home- Judges have only a brief time to hear the evidence in the case.  Pictures are perfect to present to show the Judge your relationship with your children and where you reside.
6.       Witnesses Be ready to provide credible witnesses at your hearing.  Be careful in the selection of your witnesses and determine what point they will be addressing at the hearing.  You do not want repetitive witnesses saying the same thing on the stand.