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Personal Injury

Houston, Clear Lake, Webster Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers

The Romero Law Firm, P.C. helps victims who have been injured throughout the Houston area receive the compensation they deserve. Our firm’s personal injury practice focuses on individuals injured in car accidents, slip and falls, defective products and by the negligence of others. The Romero Law Firm, P.C. is dedicated to providing passionate representation to our clients, and we will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Our consultations for personal injury cases are free, and cases are structured on a contingency-fee basis. Therefore, clients owe a fee only if we are successful in the recovery.

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What do I do if I Have Been Injured in a Car Accident?
If you have been injured in a car accident or think that you might have been injured, seek medical attention immediately. It is important that you do not delay in getting medical treatment. Any delay in treatment can reduce the value of your claim to the insurance company.

1. Medical Attention
It is important that you seek the appropriate type of medical care for your injuries, because many primary care physicians and family doctors do not specialize in treating individuals who have been injured in a car accident. It is important that you follow the treatment plan prescribed and attend all doctor and physical therapy appointments. This not only aides in your physical recovery, but it also shows the insurance company that your case has value.

2. At the Scene of the Accident
It is important that you contact the police to investigate the accident and prepare an accident report when appropriate. Make sure that no one is hurt, and get the contact information and insurance information from the other driver. If there were witnesses to the accident, ask the witnesses for their contact information, and get information on what they observed. Take pictures of the accident scene, skid marks, visible injuries, the damage to your vehicle and the damage to the other driver’s vehicle. Debris from an accident scene will often be cleared from the street on the same day as the accident. By keeping documentation, you can preserve evidence of the severity of the accident.

3. Recorded Statements to the Insurance Company
Soon after an accident, you may be contacted by the other driver’s insurance carrier who will request that you provide information about the accident. The adjuster may appear polite on the telephone, but keep in mind, the ultimate goal of the adjuster is to make you settle your claim for as little as possible.

4. Contact a Lawyer
A knowledgeable, experienced attorney will help you navigate through the process of dealing with the insurance companies. At The Romero Law Firm, P.C., we will evaluate your claim to determine what damages you should be entitled to. Under Texas law, the most common types of damages are medical expenses, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, permanent impairment and disfigurement, and property damage to your vehicle.

At The Romero Law Firm, P.C., we handle personal injury cases on a contingency basis — our fee is a percentage of what is recovered. If you would like to discuss a potential case, please click here, or call (281) 220-1067 to speak to an attorney immediately.