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Family Law

Client was the stepmother of a twelve-year-old child. She divorced from the child’s father, and the father was no longer allowing her to have visitations with the child. The prior decree did not address the issue of visitations with the stepson because he was not a child of the marriage. She retained our firm, and the court appointed client a non-parent joint managing conservator, who would have equal rights and duties to the child similar to a parent.
San Jacinto County, Texas

Client retained our firm to represent him in a contested divorce involving children and significant assets — multiple homes and a business. Wife had left the home and left the children with our client. She later made allegations of family violence. At trial, attorney was able to obtain primary custody of the children and a larger division of the property for our client. Wife was ordered to pay child support.
Harris County, Texas

Represented client where wife believed husband was about to leave country with all of the couple’s assets to be with his homosexual lover. Husband denied affair. At mediation, our firm was able to get wife 100% of her retirement account, 100% of husband’s 401(k) account and the family residence.
Wharton County, Texas

Successfully represented a client in a divorce where he owned substantial assets, including mutiple real estate properties in several counties. Wife had signed a premarital agreement, but client could not locate a copy of the premarital agreement. At mediation, wife settled.
Harris County, Texas

Successfully represented a client in a divorce suit where client kept family residence and had split custody of the children.
Galveston County, Texas  

Successfully represented mother to regain joint managing conservatorship of child.
Harris County, Texas

Results will vary depending upon the particular facts in your situation. It is important to consult with an attorney from the firm to determine the likely outcome in your particular situation.